Auto Vision 20:20

Auto Vision 20:20 - a sneak peak into future colour trends in the automotive industry, is a quick glance at what colour may be doing in 2020.
In automotive terms 2020 is not a long time in the future, it usually works in terms of 15, 30, 40 years ahead because change comes slowly due to the nature of the product.  However, 2020 is a milestone year because it looks to signal the end of the many uncertainties that plague markets and countries all over the world today.  The car is a global product and with clarity of 20:20 Vision the trends of 2020 are set to be positive, transparent, and personal.


Truth - this trend is about people searching for answers.  After the fatigue and mental stress of the past decade we look at companies, ourselves, and others for honesty and clarity.  Colours in this palette reflect hope with light purples, and intensity with deep mauve tones, framed with cool greys.  White is used as a canvas colour upon which these colours live.  Its fresh, crisp, yet not clinical and truly transparent.  Here and there a copper orange comes into the palette to inject passion into Truth, almost playing the devil’s advocate.



Wisdom - a trend for the older generations that have experience and wisdom.  This trend is very important and prominent, it mostly affects the luxury end of the automotive industry and the palette is based on stone, wood, and aqua greys.  Peace is finally found after worries about children take care of themselves - a new meaning of life is acquired.  In many ways they will be pioneers, the first generation to reach 70 - 80 years old healthy, active, independent, and in touch.  Sophisticated hues imbue this trend, with metallic and natural textures running in and out, a reflection of past, present, and future is tied in with a pinch of indigo.  In one word Elegance is back.

Alter Eco

Alter Eco - sparked by a new generation of vehicles such as pods and 3-wheeled personal mobility solutions a new palette emerges.  A reflection of self as the car gets more in tune with humans is characterised by bold colours.  Blue, red, white, black shift the automotive status quo.  The proportions of these vehicles resonate more with products than cars and thus the trend takes cues from electronics, furniture design, and fashion.  This innovative trend starts out with basic hues but by 2020 grows into its own, free, creating a new eco palette.  Gone are grassy greens and sky blues, in are street art colours, punchy, new and courageous.


Fingerprint - this trend speaks about customisation and personalisation.  With the advent of wraps that can change the look and feel of a car by anyone without affecting the paint job car owners have taken to pimping their rides.  In 2020 the variety of application increases and the palette looks at entertainment and advertising for colour influences.  Its difficult to pin down a range of colours that define this trend because it depends on free will and creativity.  A possible colour grouping could be based on military, sci-fi video games, or even social network groups.  As each is personal and unique it gives the ideticard name to this trend…Fingerprint.