GCD Photography Competition 2013: Results

GCD is delighted to give you our top 10 best photos from our very first photography competiton! As well a variety of styles, there was also a huge range of cars, all the way from a Dodge Challenger to Nissan's tiny Figaro. Enjoy!



Richard Moors


Jordan Anthony Baker


Andrew Chen


Eleanor Bennett


Mandy Manson


Ki Duk Kim


Julie Flynn


Mike Needs


Angela Niman


Hannah Morris

The prize:

1st place goes to Richard Moors, who will have the chance to join us on a professional photo shoot with our photographer, Olgun Kordal. Richard will also see his best photos in the next edition of our print magazine - GCD Review/London Special - in May 2013. 

We'll be running further photography competitions in the future, so sign up to our monthly newsletter and we'll let you know when. Well done to the others who made up the rest of the top 10, and keep up the good work!



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