100% Design London

100% Design London is UK's original contemporary interior design event.  From the fresh minds of design students to the well managed corporate interior design companies the event held at Earls Court between 23-26 September was a much reduced event size-wise.  Taking up just one hall 100% Design, showcasing the latest in furniture, lighting, wall and floor covering and accessories was right beside 100% Materials and 100% Futures signaling the epic downsizing of the industry.  However, reducing the event's footprint made it more exclusive and special.  One could view the exhibit at a more relaxed pace and find out a bit more about the designs and their designers.  It harks back to shows of 10 years ago, and highlights that quality is better than quantity and perhaps our over consumerism is not sustainable, neither for the planet nor our lifestyles.

Here are a few highlights...check out more pics in the sidebar 'LOOKATIT'

Siwen Huang

Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Buzzi Space

Louise Greenfield

Stephen Johnson


Maria Jauhiainen

LowInfo Design

Ten Plan