RCA Citroen Double Challenge

Citroen and Exa sponsored an Interterm Competition for the students of Year 2 of Vehicle Design at RCA, the Royal College of Art.  Last Friday was D-Day and the winners of the challenge were announced.  Exa, "A company on a mission to redefine engineering simulation and digital product development...", judged the students on aerodynamics while Citroën was looking for their next gen electric vehicle.  Exa's winners were first place for James Harness and second place for Elizabeth Pinder, while Citroën's first place went to Heikki Juvonen, second place to James Harness, and third place to Juliana Cho.  This is the gallery of all the students work and you can get an in-depth on the winners over on our Design section.

Adam Phillips

David Eburah

Elizabeth Pinder

Fernando Ocana

Heikki Juvonen

Hitesh Panchal

Ian Kettle

Ido Baruchin

James Brooks

James Harness

Juha-Pekka Rautio

Juliana Cho

Murray Westwater

Richard Bone

Dai Shang