The 81st Geneva Motor Show 2011

The Geneva Motor Show 2011 was back on top this year with over 40 alternative powered car premieres and two press days full of journalists and aficionados alike.  It was uplifting to see that the economy has loosened its chokehold on the industry and this meant free reigns for creativity and design.  Also in the limelight was ecology; the Green Pavilion has grown in importance as has the number of electric vehicle testing available at the Palexpo grounds.  Inside the main halls the big automakers were committed to forging ahead with alternative fuel R&D, the flavour of the year being electric fuel.  Opel displayed its production Ampera available to customers at the end of this year, next to its ENV concept two seater Segway pod developed for last year's Shanghai Expo.  As always Geneva is neutral ground and gives a voice to small and large on a level ground.  This year's welcomed surprise was Mia Electric with their Micro.Bus redesign and launch of 3 production version of the Heuliez 'Friendly' first seen at the Paris Auto Show 2008.  Renault was probably the most visited stand with stages 2, Captur, and 3, R-Space, concept cars in a series of 7 inspired by the cycle of life, while BMW premiered its Vision ConnectedDrive, the embodiment of the future of connectivity, to much acclaim.  Below is a gallery of the best in show!

Nissan Esflow

VW Bulli

Mini Rocketman

Renault Captur

Renault R-Space

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

Infiniti Etherea

Sbarro Two for 100

Rinspeed Bamboo

Mia Electric