Range Rover Evoque Testing

GCD was invited to Range Rover headquarters in Gaydon, UK to a Design and Technology briefing on the new Evoque due out this summer.  Doors were opened into the world that has taken over the lives of designers, engineers, and marketing teams at Range Rover; they live and breathe Evoque every single day in anticipation of its release.  The forecasting for the success of this vehicle has been revised in light of new figures showing sales up at JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) of 26% in 2010.  They anticipate record sales in 2011 mostly due to the new Evoque, with already firm orders for some 6,500 cars.  It is being touted as a great 'conquest car', a car you will fall in love with because Evoque answers the call of the city.

The uber chic piece of machinery that is Evoque is not just all sass and swagger.  The engineers have made damn sure that this car can perform as well or better than the rest of its siblings; this is what we went to see...the work behind the scenes.  We were deluged with information about performance on the track whilst driving at around 130 mph on curvy country roads, about how many recycled bottles there are in the interior (40!), the vast customisation and personalisation options available, hands free parking assist, and state of the art Meridian sound system.  Every single line, piece, material, process, and even command position has been exhaustingly reviewed, and why?  Because this is a very important vehicle for JLR, it is the first of its kind in size and segment.  Evoque will be setting the standards for the new compact luxury SUV market and JLR will be the leader in ecologically designed and manufactured luxury cars.  Behind the Evoque is a huge amount of lessons learned, statistics accrued, and tested technology that shifts business as usual in car manufacturing to a whole new level.  This car has been built in the greenest way possible available to a large car manufacturer today while setting milestones for tomorrow. 

For example Kasia Boryczko, Sustainability Engineer, can not only tell you that the headliner is made from 100% recycled polyester consuming 66% lower energy, that the seating padding is made from recycled jeans, and that all materials in the car are mercury free she can most importantly confirm that one Evoque costs 10 tonnes of CO2 to make!  None of this could have happened without a design that captures the hearts of buyers and that was very clear for Gerry McGovern, Design Director for Land Rover and Range Rover, from the outset.  McGovern and his team designed the LRX concept that made its debut at the North American International Auto Show 2008 under the Land Rover badge.  It was imperative that despite obsessive engineering to make the Evoque sporty, ecological, luxurious, and most importantly worthy of the Range Rover badge - in itself a huge risk for JLR - the design had to stay as true and close to the first stroke of genius.  The result could not have been any closer, simply millimeters apart!  The gesture and elegance of the original LRX design has become in its own right an even more iconic Evoque, the next generation Range Rover.

Range Rover Evoque 190PS SD4 Diesel 5 Door Barolo Black

Range Rover Evoque 190PS SD4 Diesel 5 Door Indus Silver

Range Rover Evoque 240PS Si4 Petrol Fuji White

Range Rover Evoque Exterior and Interior Design

Range Rover Evoque 5 Doors Colour and Trim

Range Rover Evoque Design Themes : Pure - Dynamic - Prestige

Range Rover Evoque Exterior Colour Choices

Range Rover Evoque Personalisation Video

Range Rover Evoque wheel designs and a sample of Prestige etched aluminium dash inlay and double stitching.

Range Rover Evoque Sustainability Room

Range Rover Evoque Sustainability Roomfeaturing new engines and size comparison wall.

Range Rover Evoque 40 large recycled plastic bottles are used in each car.

Range Rover Evoque Sustainability Room seats made from Dinamica eco fabrics and padded with recycled jeans.

Range Rover Evoque Virtual Cave for real life analysis before production reduces waste and time developing efficient package.

Range Rover Evoque Park Assist with Electrical Engineer Liam Wilson

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