Ecovelocity Green Motor Show 2012 Gallery

Ecovelocity 2012 - the Green Motor Show - came and went without much notice this year.  Down to poor management, location, and communication of changing dates and venues the show wasn't able to create the buzz that made it a hit in 2011 at the Battersea Power Station.  A great loss for the eco auto movement that is trying so hard to shift into view of customers as a viable, fun, and responsible alternative to fossil-fueled vehicles.  A greater loss still was that there was a fantastic chance for everyone to test drive the latest electric, hybrid, and eco diesel models on the market on a real roads 3.5 miles circuit.  Not an indoors or emclosed circuit but a real test round the dockland's straights, curves, and even traffic!  We did snap a few shots of what we found interesting...even a micro trend of white on black two-tone shape detailing on interiors and doors as found in the Ampera and DS5.  Fingers crossed the event survives a picks a better location and occasion next year!


Vauxhall HydroGen 4 built on a Chevy Equinox available in UK 2014/15...perhaps!

3.5 miles test drive pit stop...

Lightning Supercar in Quadra Paddock

RAK e from the rear!

Vauxhall Ampera glowing charge was a hit with the younger visitors.

White on black two-tone blocks featured widely at the show.

Citroën's C-Zero based on the Mitsubishi i-Miev.

mia electric range extender fuel cell next to decked out chic mia paris!

Renault Twizy...coming soon!