BMW i3 and i8 World Debut Gallery

Last week BMW showed its vision for the future of motoring as illustrated by its i3 family hatchback and i8 sports car, the first of a range of vehicles that will become its new eco sub-brand ‘i’, and will go on sale in 2013.  Both cars are clean sheet designs, designed from the tyres up with the key focus on maximising their potential for environmental sustainability. Built using advanced, lightweight construction methods more commonly utilised in motorsport. The resulting cars are quite unlike any BMW yet seen.

BMW i8 Concept Renderings

BMW i3 Concept Renderings

BMW i3 Concept Show Car

BMW i8 Concept Show Car

Ryan Borroff is an automotive design writer, journalist and
psychologist.  He continues to contribute to newspapers and magazines on automotive and design-related matters and has organized and chaired various design-related conferences and awards competitions around the world.