Colour Therapy: Fiat 500c TwinAir

With a weedy little 875cc two-cylinder engine, off-white detailing and a grotesquely deep yellow paintjob, the latest Fiat 500 - part of the 'Colour Therapy' range - has been emasculated on a level not seen in the car world since Nissan unveiled the effeminate Figaro. The 500 wasn’t exactly a bastion of machismo before, yet somehow this makeover has only made it more desirable than ever. How?

It’s because the fundamental Fiat 500 recipe is fun to drive, easy on the eye and a bit of an underdog, and the 500c Colour Therapy tucks into this ethos and stuffs itself full to bursting. A morning in London is all it takes for this car to extol its virtues - light steering, a buoyant engine note and infectious enthusiasm even just trundling down Clerkenwell's cobbled streets. It really gets under your skin in the best way possible.

The Colour Therapy range is inspired – for better or for worse – by the dubious tones that defined the ‘70s.  As such, colours include ‘New Age Cream’, ‘Countrypolitan Yellow’, ‘Pasodoble Red’, ‘Volare Blue’, and ‘Tech House Grey’. Guess which colour this one is.

By now we’re familiar with the reinvented 500, which itself is becoming something of a modern classic, but this cabriolet model with the TwinAir engine is more-or-less the pinnacle of the range, if you don’t include the Abarth. Light door mirror covers, a poolball gearknob, a smattering of chrome and a colourful dashboard insert are the major details worthy of attention.

If you haven’t yet experienced a 500 TwinAir, you should, because there really is no substitute. 

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