Ferrari's Hybrid Enzo Teased

Whilst Porsche are happy for us know exactly how far the 918 Spyder is into development, Ferrari have held their cards tightly to their chest regarding the new hybrid Enzo replacement - dubbed F150 - which is due for release next year.

Recently Maranello had its hand forced, however, as a couple of teaser shots of the front and rear of the £800,000 flagship car were leaked from a presentation. Ferrari consequently released the pictures themselves. Ferrari had previously displayed the car's carbon monocoque at the Paris Motor Show, as well as releasing a birds' eye view of the engine bay (below). This is the first time, however, that we seen any real design traits. Surprisingly, long-time partner Pininfarina are not involved with the new Enzo.

The front graphic keeps the Formula One-style nose cone made famous by the Enzo - although now merely a subtle reference rather than dominant feature - and the car also seems to have double-bubble roof. There's a serpentine character to the car's face that's not dissimilar to the new Dodge Viper, although very high and equally wide fenders set this car apart. Given that Ferrari say that the driver will assume a racing driving position - the the pedal box set high - visibility probably won't be as good as it is in the 458.

Talking of the 458, the F150's rear stays true to the winning formula of wide-set circular rear lamps connected by a strong, rigid line at the back of the engine cover. It seems to borrow the central column feature from the F12 Berlinetta, although in place of that car's Formula One-style high-vis LED sits a single exhaust outlet.

Unlike the more voluptuous corresponding curves of the 458, however, the F150's haunches are much more chiseled and strong with a clear horizontal line implied that sits between the back of the car and the top of the roof - in terms of stance this car will easily surpass the 458 Italia, which is no mean feat.

The F150, which will make entensive use of carbon fibre, could weigh as little as 1100kg and generate as much as 850bhp with the help of hybrid KERS system related to the package Scuderia Ferrari use in their Formula One cars. Attached to that will be a trusty V12, although emissions are said to be 40% lower than the Enzo. 

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