Have It All: BMW 3 Series Touring

Is the F30 BMW 3 Series Touring the only car you'll ever need?

It's a suggestion that's been aimed at several cars in the past, and will doubtless be wheeled-out for machines yet to be built, but right now, in the present, it applies to this car.

Before talking about the sixth-generation Touring's design, which is fantastically sophisticated for a car of a practical nature, what the the 3 Series Touring can actually do needs to be put into contest, because we're in danger of taking it for granted.

Although the 316d has the best combined fuel economy, at 60.1mpg, we've got the 320d because overall it's a much better car. Combined economy falls slightly to 58.9mpg, but it hardly matters because carbon dioxide emissions are just 125g/km for an engine that develops 184bhp whilst pushing along a big, roomy estate car. It's tempting to think that only BMW know how to strike this sort of compromise, because surely if Mercedes and Audi knew how they'd be doing it. The Audi A4 Avant gets close, but it can't quite stack up the F30.

It's faster, cleaner, more fuel economic, more practical and better looking that anything that bears comparison. That's an incredible breadth of ability.

Many believe that BMW are responsible for the modern saloon form, genesis for which was the original E30 3 Series, but their estate variants have always been well-resolved, particularly the E46 of the early 2000's. They've always been smart and presentable, too, whilst existing strictly inside 'no-thrills' estate car parametres. The F30, however, manages to transcend the traditional brief.

BMW's new front graphic, featuring integrated headlights and grille, suits the Touring perhaps more than it does the standard car, and the bone-line running down the flank - although mathmatically identical - sits more comfortably, too.

Illustrating the point is some of Olgun's handywork. 

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