Honda GEAR Concept Study Model

Honda recently surprised everyone by unveiling the GEAR Concept Study Model at the Montreal International Auto Show. Designed to be “fun, customizable, connected adn affordable”, the concept is intended to appeal to 'Generation-Y' buyers and breaks the mould of what Honda describe as an uninspiring, utilitarian subcompact class. It's also supposedly inspired by fixed-gear bicycles.

The concept is a product of Honda R&D Americas rather than anything at home in Japan, and whilst there's no word on a potential production run or even a drivetrain for the concept, the petrol-hybrid setup in the CRZ would do nicely.

The concept makes use of transparent plastics at both the front and rear, and the Mustang-esque snout features integrated headlights and grille - a popular trend recently. In profile the GEAR is neat with a very strong line running from the front of the bonnet to the top of the windshield, and this rigid feature is compensated by the svelte wraparound rear windshield and narrow C-Pillars.

Sometimes concepts are best left in storage, but this one we'd like to see built. Don't hold your breath, though.

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