Kia Cross GT Concept

Bolting an electric motor onto a revvy 3.8-litre V6 and calling it 'green' is like putting a bomb in a suitcase and calling it 'safe', but it's a nice sentiment anyway. What really helps Kia Cross GT – revealed today at the Chicago Auto Show – is that it looks pretty special. Complete with funky skylights and a 'Fusion Cooper' paint job, the Cross GT is evidence that the Peter Schreyer/Korea combination keeps getting better.

Kia say that the Cross GT blurs the line between 2011's GT concept (both are built on the same chassis, incidentally) and a luxury crossover vehicle, melding high technology with nature and offering and preview of a possible Sorento replacement. It's fair to say that, with rear suicide doors and cargo compartment accessed through a clamshell opening, the Cross GT is a little more radical that most SUVs. Recent concepts such as the hydrogen-powered Nissan TeRRA and hybrid Resonance, however, prove that this segment can yield sexy and oddly beautiful cars, and let's not forget the Lincoln MKC. Next step, though, is getting them off the show stand and onto the road. We could be waiting a while.

Although a concept, figures give the Cross GT's electric-only range as token 20 miles and a combined power output of 400bhp.

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