LA Design Challenge - HIGHWAY PATROL VEHICLE 2025

This year's LA Design Challenge is fast approaching and the entries are in. Last year's theme was 'Hollywood's Hottest New Movie Car', and this year Design Los Angeles' Board of Directors have chosen 'Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025'. Six high-profile design studios will create a vehicle that 'meets the challenges of a specific region's transportation and societal conditions in 2025'. Entries will be judged on:

- consideration of future needs for advanced technology, speed and agility on future freeway systems

- creativity of the solution

- meeting the defined region's mandated emission standards if applicable

- environmental sensitivity: maintenance and recyclability

The winner will be revealed at the Designer's Night on the 29th November - here's the competition.

BMW Group DesignworksUSA - E-Patrol (Human-Drone Pursuit Vehicle)

Based on the belief that LA traffic in 2025 will be denser, faster and made up of vehicles with alternate fuel sources, BMW's E-Patrol concept seats up to two patrol officers but can delpoy either a flying drone of a single wheel drone to chase a suspect down and send data back.

Floating above the road using a levitation turbine, the concept also features a skin energy recovery system that harvest heats from the concrete to power to engine.

As illustrated below, the concept forgoes conventional LCD readouts in favour of holographic displays that include the famous 'i-drive' click wheel. BMW, make this happen now.

General Motors Advanced Design California - Volt Squad

Made up of three very different vehicles, General Motors' creatively-named 'Volt Squad' is designed around the concept of OBSERVE, PURSUE and ENGAGE, with each electrically-propelled vehicle designed specifically for each task.

The three-wheeler type vehicle is intended for pursuit, whilst the flying drone, unsurprisingly, keeps an eye on things and the truck does the dirty work. Somewhat more capable, then, than your average Astra-equipped bobby.

Honda Advanced Design Studio Tokyo -"CHiPs" 2025 Traffic Crawler

Like a prop from Mad Max, Honda's Traffic Crawler is fairly intimidating to look at (though not half as intimidating as the rider's helmet), but angular features such as the square police lights are indicative of Japanese design. Offering 'sporty mobility with toughness to respond in severe traffic conditions', the hydrogen-powered concept aims to police highways that have become busy and confused, as vehicles freed from environmental constraints get bigger and bigger.

Honda Advanced Design Studio California - CHP Drone Squad

Designed to take to California's highways without the need for new infrastructure, 'Drone Squad' is another multi-vehicle concept. Capable of operating without direct human interaction, the larger truck-sized drone can deploy a smaller, more agilie drone more suited to heavy traffic. Furthermore, it can do this on the move.

Mercedes Advanced Design Center California - Ener-G-Force

Whilst most entries consist, at least in part, of something small and maneauverable, Mercedes are on a different tack with the frankly brutal Ener-G-Force concept. Mercedes believe that by 2025 roads will be crowded and traffic electronically monitored and controlled, and a go-anywhere, environmentally-friendly SUV is the answer. 

Mercedes were so enthusiastic about the concept (something they imagine the 2025 G-Class might look like) that they even built a 1:1 scale model. Although presumably the hydrogen fuel cells supplied by recycled water from the roof remained theoretical.

Subaru Research and Development - SHARC

SHARC - or Subaru Highway Automated Response Concept - is designed for the inter-island environment of Hawaii. Designed to be an affordable and environmentally-conscious emergency response vehicle, SHARC operates autonomously and is powered by renewable energy. It can also be utilised by a range of emergency services.

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