Motorexpo - Canary Wharf London

London. Toronto. New York. This week saw London's turn to host the free global motor show, Motorexpo, which is camped in Canary Wharf. Showcasing the latest in ultra-exclusive automotive hardware, the role-call reads like supercar royalty: Vantage, Supperleggera, Reventon, Testa Rossa, and the built up streets of Canary Wharf will, for this week at least, be alive with the sound of Italian and German V8s.

2012, however, heralds Motorexpo's first 'Ecozone'.  Giving visitors the opportunity to admire and test drive some of the latest pure electric and hybrid vehicles. All the usual suspects were in attendance and looking to impress.

Two of the final run-out Tesla Roadsters were on display. Here's one of them....

...and here's the other.  Now out of production, we probably won't see a new Roadster until the end of 2013.

The UK's first plug-in hybrid, Vauxhall's Ampera, also attracted a lot of attention. By now you may well have seen a few on the road.

The other offering from Vauxhall came in the form of this: the RAD e Urban Electric Bike.  Taking design cues from Mark Adams' striking RAK e, this electric bike assists its rider using a 250W electric motor that can provide between 40 and 90 miles of pure elctric drive when needed.

Amongst the lower key exhibitors were BMW's MINI E and the Peugeot iOn.  

With visitors given the opportunity to test drive any of the vehicles on display, the full-hybrid Lexus CT200h proved a popular choice with the population of London's predominant financial centre. 

Land Rover also had an extensive display of their various vehicles, including plenty of Evoques, and also these slighty strange glass features....

Ok, it's not electric, or even a hybrid, but the single-seater BAC Mono is an exercise in design indulgence. Quite fast too.

Motorexpo runs until the 17th June.  The best times to go are early (around 10am) and late (closer to 5pm).  More information can be found here.

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