Nissan INVITATION Makes Production

We weren't the only ones who got quite excited about Nissan's INVITATION Concept that was shown at last year's Geneva Motor Show. With its characteristic 'squash' line and burnt orange paint job, the INVITATION stood out amongst even the established supercars and was many people's favourite car at the show.

Now its production sibling – the new Note – has been revealed, and it carries over some of the INVITATION's design features as well as coming with a 95g/km carbon dixoide 1.5-litre diesel engine and stop-start technology as standard.

The new Note is built on Nissan's latest, and lightweight, V platform which endows the cars with sport overhangs to create a 'sporty, agile look'. The Note is also surprisingly true to the INVITATION, featuring the same DLO, front graphic and principle character lines. Of course, remove 20" wheels and piercing LED headlights and much of the concept car's visual clout is lost, however.

Production is set to begin in the summer with deliveries in the autumn. 

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