Richard Moors/Honda CR-Z

When Honda gave us the CR-Z in 2010 we liked it. The Insight-inspired design brought up to date, the small design envelope, low-slung driving position and hybrid drivetrain struck a chord, and it’s always great to see major manufacturers bring bold designs to market anyway.

Now it’s had a minor facelift: a little more power, a nip and a tuck to the exterior design and a boost function provided by a new lithium ion battery. None of these changes come at the expense of carbon dioxide emissions, which remain at 116g/km for the Sport model and 122g/km for this, the GT model. Both are refreshingly low for a car that offers the driver such tactile rewards. Steering is direct and a notchy gearbox makes for an engaging drive. The CR-Z also passes the sports car acid test: its pedals are beautifully spaced. The CR-Z is still a responsible sports car, however, a fine line it rides with ease.

With unconventional hatchback geometry and a sleek pearl paintjob, the CR-Z presented itself as an ideal subject for the winner of GCD’s first photography competition to shoot. Richard Moors, whose dusk shot won earlier this year, has done the CR-Z justice, too, capturing its stance and honesty.

As Honda says – “Stylish. Sleek. Sporty. And sensible.”

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