Tokyo Designers Week 2011 Gallery

Now in its 26th year, Tokyo Designers Week 1-6 November 2011 continues to be the place for businesses, designers, embassies, organizations and galleries to exhibit their creative works and debut their ideas.  Taking over Meiji Jingu Gaien as their Main Venue, this event expands into the city of Tokyo with their series of events involving Shop Exhibitions and filling up Aoyama area with over 70 shops, galleries and cafes. Under the theme “Love for Earth, People and Objects”, this year’s Tokyo Designers Week will be provided a wide range of creativity including design and contemporary art, music and workshops and will not only be beneficial for the professionals in the existing field but also for any group of people from children to adults.

Ecology is still a big theme at the show but less so this year as the 311 incident, the earhquake and nuclear plant explosion memorial day, is still fresh in the Japanese mind.  Love and Appreciation seem the major focus for many concepts with new materials as the key for future products.  Colored solar panel applications for future electric devices, recycled materials for eco friendly environment design, and unlike before most recycled materials look even more attractive than conventional materials!  For the Japanese beauty is in the details and perhaps this accentuates the fact that often creativity can be found in texture, pattern, colour, and material rather than in overall concept development.  To follow a selection of photos highlighting the show...enjoy!

You pay 2500Yen for entrance and get these free bag and booklet.

White canvas car will be decorated by series of red stickers.

Series of students work related to LOVE theme. You can see historical art museum "Tokyo KAIGAKAN" on the background.

Original heart symbol design by HUMAN ACADEMY DESIGN COLLEGE students.

If you donate coins for their art project (shown later at out side of the building), you get earphone clip (white or red).  Donation goes to 311 victim children in Fukushima, Iwate and Miyagi.

Fitting coins into the specific holes a graphic will appear. 100, 50 , 10, 5, 1 yen have different colors and have a designated number in the whole...its like a colour as you go theme.

Designer and "manga" writer from Dubai was featured in latest GQ magazine (Japanese edition).

Feel Good Creation, colour and materials specialist, Exhibition.

Recycled materials.

High gloss metallic plastics. not painted, actual plastic colours.

This bio recycle material absorbes lot of water, so it can be used for planting base.

Edible paper made from vegetables.

Eco house built with wood materials.

Designers from Canada.

The annual container exhibition.

Smartphone installation, when you flick the smartphone, projected images move in and out from the phone.