Trident Iceni at Salon Privé

Rimac's Concept_One wasn't the only 'green' showstopper at this year's Salon Privé, although you might be surprised to learn that the this car, the Trident Iceni, is powered by a 6.6-litre turbo-diesel engine – normally the reserve of trucks.

East Anglia-based Trident Sports Cars have travelled a bumpy road since their inception in the sixties. They have, however, always used big engines, whether that means a 5.4-litre Chrysler V8 or a 4.7-litre Ford unit, and nothing has changed with their latest car, the Iceni.

Top speed is the other side of 190mph and the Iceni will hit 60mph in under four seconds. It doesn't sound very environmentally friendly, but Trident have a trick up their sleeve.

Torque Multiplication. The 6.6-litre engine has a been tuned to develop an unholy level of torque. 950ft lb to be precise, and buyers will have an option of 1050ft lb should they wish it. Truck engine indeed, and that's only half of it – at 70mph engine can tick over at 980rpm whilst still generating 700ft lb torque. Trident believe that this is good enough for 68mpg at 70mph and a range of 2000 miles.

The Inceni's aesthetics will surely split opinion, although the Jaguar C-X16-inspired derrière and unique roof panel are highlights. We'll be looking at this car in more detail in the coming weeks, but for now here are some shots from its debut at Salon Privé.

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