Volkswagen Beetle 'Design'

What you’re looking at here is the 2012 VW Beetle.  It will, of course, come in a number of guises including 1.4 and 2.0-litre Sport models as well as 1.2 and 1.6-litre diesel models but the reason we’re interested in this particular Beetle lies in its aesthetic.  This is the Beetle ‘Design’ and having caught our eye during a recent VW up! launch, we decided it deserved a mention.  Unsurprisingly it’s much the same as it’s siblings but there are a couple specifications that are unique to this car.

Most noticeable of these specifications are the wheels.  Known as ‘Orbit’ wheels, their chrome centre and stunted ceramic-esque spokes are nostalgic of Beetles past and when coupled with the pastel-coloured ‘stone-washed denim blue’ paint job (which best illustrates the Beetle’s bold haunches), you would be forgiven for mistaking this car for an original Beetle at a glance.  Factor in a quaint mechanic’s garage in a rustic village and the illusion is just about complete. 

Sure the Sport models offer plenty of modern styling cues in the form of large, brash alloys and tinted windows, but in Design spec the Beetle is at its least contaminated, which is probably for the best.  We’d go as far as saying that this Beetle stands out far more than any other model in the range.  That said the interior remains much the same across the range but seems to sit in the Design spec the best.  Little touches, such as the glove-box pull in homage to the original bug, are charming.

The ‘Design’ Beetle is currently available with VW’s 1.4-litre TSI engine but if you can wait, the economical 1.2-litre diesel engine will be available next year for around £19,000 and that’s probably the one to go for.  Check out the pics below by Mark Raybone to see why this gem caught our eye!

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