We changed our 'Look'!

My team and I are delighted to launch our New Look. It has taken a lot of consideration and time as our goal was to give our readers news about automotive and personal mobility design in a clear, simple, and concise way. This doesn't mean boring, on the contrary, our 'look' keywords were 'sexy', 'glossy' and 'sleek', all words, that like many of our features, contradict or challenge the stereotype that green has to be grassroots, it can also be cool.

You will find conventions challenged here. 


We will cover important News developments in automotive design overall but our aim is to move you to rethink your position on earth.  Our focus here is on new achievements and innovation in design and/or technology that changes the way vehicles are being designed today.  The aim is to motivate you to think outside the box and embrace the kind of blue sky thinking that is virtually at our doorstep.

Auto Shows

GCD has access to motor shows worldwide so we can bring you closer to the latest concept car and production vehicle launches in our Auto Shows section.  From the top players in the business such as BMW, GM, Mercedes, Honda, and Toyota to smaller design driven companies such as Tesla, Lotus, Pininfarina, and Bertone the green movement has taken on such momentum that in the two years we have been live 'green car design' has become the game changer.

City Watch

Contributors in major cities continue to feed us with the latest eco and green design events and projects that are resurfacing our urban landscapes in City Watch. Automotive design cannot live in a vacuum and is often inspired by industrial design, interior design, architecture, graphic design, and much more.  As such we try to be there when 'it' (inspiration) happens and capture the moment...as well as define trends!


At GCD we know the value of images.  Most of us don't have the time to sit and read pages of text and just want the pictures to do the talking.  That why our invaluable free Galleries are chock-a-block with details!  We want our readers to feel as close as we are when we take them.  Keep posted to this space as we transform the way you view our 'LOOKATIT" sidebars in the future.


Trends in automotive design and other design fields are essential to understand 'what's happening'.  Although trend forecasting seemed a thing of the past it has now proven itself a valuable tool in understanding internet driven consumers.  As one of GCD's biggest assets, our Trends section is on top of design movements that will shape and influence the future of automotive design.  We love it when students at RCA say "Oh yes, I used your website a lot for my project!".

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Lastly, we are proud to to have made a pledge to help charities get their message out for support vis-à-vis caring for our planet.  You will see many ways you can contribute on our site such as START’s upcoming Garden Party or planting a tree via Cooltribe and offsetting your carbon footprint with Carbonica.  Please choose your cause.

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