Inforad V4 Speed Camera Warning system PLUS 8 hour rechargeable battery pack (GPS Speed Camera detector)

Inforad V4 Speed Camera Warning system PLUS 8 hour rechargeable battery pack (GPS Speed Camera detector)

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Item Description

INFORAD V4 is a sleek, accurate and affordable GPS-based speed camera warning system. INFORAD uses GPS satellite technology to determine your vehicle's current position, compares it to an on-board database of thousands of known and speed camera locations and red light camera locations in the UK & Europe, and then alerts you in advance with visual and audible alarms when you are near a camera. It is 100% road legal in the UK and works right out of the box - just charge the internal battery and place on your dashboard or affix to your windscreen. INFORAD includes free unlimited access and updates to the #1 camera locations database. New cameras are being added to the database all the time and you can download updates for free using your Windows PC (does not work on Mac OS) with the built-in USB connector and be protected for no additional charge. Other GPS speed warning systems typically charge a subscription fee for database updates - which can be over £30 per year - making INFORAD the most affordable GPS speed camera locator on the market. Don't take any chances. You'll drive safer, avoid tickets, and protect your license. INFORAD V4 pays for itself after helping you avoid just one ticket! INFORAD is at the cutting edge of satellite geo-positioning technologies thanks to the use of the latest generation electronic components. This extremely reliable technology is used throughout the world, primarily as a guidance system for airplanes, vehicles and ships, it can immediately locate ships in danger or sailors in distress. Here are the key features of the INFORAD GPS engine: GPS* receiver: 12-channel SiRF capable Update time: 1.1 seconds Processor: 32-bit ARM7 RISC at 50Mhz Memory: 128 Kb processor - RAM 8 Mb Antenna: Live internal antenna and connector for an optional live external antenna Alarm: Sound and visual Power supply: 5 VDC via cigarette lighter adapter: Input: 12/24 VDC, Output: 5 VDC - 850 mA Dimensions: 70 mm by 22 mm Weight: 42g

Product Details

  • Publisher: Inforad
  • Product Group: Car Audio or Theater
  • Manufacturer: Inforad
  • Binding: Automotive
  • Brand: Inforad
  • Features:
    • INFORAD signals the presence of fixed radar and risk zones. An indispensable partner for every driver, this small unit placed on your dashboard will help you avoid speeding, conserve points on your driving permit and increase your safety.
    • INFORAD is reliable and effective. Thanks to the GPS* system, INFORAD constantly knows your vehicle's position and its processor compares this position with risk zones contained in its database. As soon as you enter a dangerous zone, controlled by a radar or not, INFORAD tells you immediately using simple and understandable warning lights and sound signals.
    • INFORAD's other features. Easy to position in all vehicles including transport lorries (12/24 volts) Automatic updates of the database (PC + Internet connection) Free subscription to updates Everyone can enter his own personal risk zones in the database "Speed controller" function for safety and ability to memorise your route (configurable recorder) 2-year carry-in warranty 6 Choice of accessories: several accessories are now available for sale .
    • 1. Using the 'magic carpet' elastomer pad, place your INFORAD V4e on your dashboard as close to the windscreen as possible. 2. Connect INFORAD V4e to the 12 or 24-volt cigarette lighter outlet with the supplied adapter. 3. Wait a few seconds until the green light stops blinking : INFORAD V4e is operational and you are under its protection ! 4. INFORAD's visible and audible alarm warn you immediately when you enter a risk zone. (a thumb wheel lets you adjust the sound volume)
    • Small, round and lightweight, the V4e can be held in the palm of your hand. Its metallic grey colour discretely harmonises with all dashboards. It has two large buttons on the upper front and a translucent smoke façade that elegantly hides five tricolour luminous diodes. New INFORAD MANAGER software has been developed specifically to take full advantage of the V4e's capabilities. It includes in particular a unique function for this type of product: an interactive learning zone to help users better understand how their V4e operates.
  • Item Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 276L x 276W x 79H
    • Weight: 44
  • Package Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 992L x 717W x 276H
    • Weight: 62
  • Model Number: Inforad V4e
  • Warranty: 2 Year warranty