Tesla Model S Pre-Production NAIAS 2012

Tesla says: " the world’s first premium sedan engineered from the ground up as an electric vehicle"

Spec Sheet: a four-door, sportback sedan with five adult seats and two optional, rear-facing children’s seats. Power is provided by a 270 kW electric motor and liquid-cooled, Lithium-ion battery packs are available in 40 kWh, 60 kWh and 85 kWh sizes.

The Model S shown at the NAIAS Show was a "Beta" build - the phase of development before final production. The term "Beta" is Tesla’s Silicon Valley roots, denoting a near-final test phase. Deliveries of production vehicles are finally slated to begin this summer. We have been following the design and the development of the Model S for the past couple of years as the Tesla Roadster was the first electric car that ever got out juices flowing. If fans of the internal combustion engine have oil in their veins, I guess fans of full-electric cars must have electrons coursing through their body. One of the great benefits to the Model S's architecture and floor-mounted electric powertrain is class-leading passenger and cargo space. Like the Porsche 914, the Model S features a 28.7 cubic foot trunk at the rear and another 8.1 cubic feet at the front. The unique design of the vehicle structure also makes it easy to introduce future models. The upcoming SUV will use identical mechanicals and only require a new body - which Tesla produces in-house in their aluminum-intensive factory in Freemont, California. Tesla sells cars directly to customers online and through its global retail network of 20 stores. The stores also serve as hubs for Tesla’s mobile service technicians, the Tesla Rangers, who make house calls to owners homes and offices no matter where they are located.