Spring Summer 2013 Precious Trend by MIX

Global Color Research has come out with its new trend book for Spring-Summer 2013 and here we will take a look at and review one of the four – Precious.  This trend goes beyond the now jaded ‘bling’ qualities of diamonds and explores the more spiritual and humble aspects of semi-precious stones.  Juxtaposed against both their natural and man-made environments they reveal a rich and profound connection to earth creating resonance within us but also with a new ecological order.

Raw Glamour

Precious stones are few, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds and tend to be very translucent.  Semi-precious stones on the other hand are diverse, denser and vary vastly in colour and reflections.  Mainly used in the jewellery industry, semi-precious stones as inspiration for colour palettes, lend themselves quite readily to the cosmetics industry.  However, setting aside industry limitations it is immediately evident that this colour palette could easily find a home in the colour and trim mood boards of automotive design sutdios.  The warm and retro contrast created by Tourmaline and Umber, or the Paul Smith meets Twingo feel in using Cambrian, Tourmaline, Garnet, and Amethyst together screams of sexy urban hatch.  Just imagine Aston Martin’s new Cyget draped in this down to earth glam, very Rockstar!

Natural Pigments

Eco-design can certainly take some clues from Precious colour trend.  Is it not time to move away from the predictable grassy ‘greens’ and sky ‘blues’ as metaphors for environmentally considered products?  Now that the consumer gets the point it is time to move on to a new colour palette that is more sophisticated so what better place to find them that in nature.  Natural pigments found in iron-ore, amethyst, gold, malachite, and tiger’s eye are deep, rich, and luxurious.  The dusty finish of rough-cut stones with random shapes and sizes against a polished backdrop of shiny ceramic surfaces touches upon the art and technology at its best.

Rare Coating

Materials and texture are essential when using Precious trend colours. “Metallic films are applied to textiles and filaments in doubled weaves to produce rough and naturally irregular patterns”, informs Material ConneXion.

Healing Gemstones

It is widely known that gemstones, aka semi-precious stones, are said to have healing powers.  Mix Trends top 5 are:

-       Agate – a variety of chalcedony quartz promotes grounding, protection, security, balances aura, stimulates precision and perceptiveness, concentration and memory.

-       Amethyst – a member of the quartz family calms, creates clarity, helps in letting go and moving on.

-       Tiger Eye – a form of chalcedony quartz Cat’s Eye coverts fear and anxiety into practicality and logic increasing confidence and clear thinking.

-       Quartz – nourishes your mind, emotions, and physical body.

-       Fluorite Gemstones – opens the heart and the mind assisting in clarity.

If this all sounds a bit 70’s then you would not be entirely wrong as Precious clearly has flashbacks of an era gone of disco lights, high chromatic accessories, and a touch of hippie lifestyle but its new.  We live in a time that challenges our consumer behaviour, highlights our greedy nature, and questions our happiness index on a regular basis.  The uncertainty of the past few years, our privacy exposed, and Internet communities change the way we behave and think of ourselves.  The need for human-made objects and to establish a new relationship with the planet we inhabit feeds into Precious.  It gives it depth and meaning to our insatiable need to consume, we may buy less, recycle more, share, and care but the Western world will never relinquish our semi-precious lifestyles!

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