Surface Design Show 2013

Launched in 2004, the Surface Design Show is the only show in UK focused on new, cutting-edge and innovative materials for surfaces that we all see and touch. It's an unmissable event for both architects and interior designers, who can find the latest solutions for the built environment.

Among hundreds of exhibitions, you can find pioneering natural materials such as stone, wood, recyclable materials, living materials, metal, paint, illuminated surfaces and tiles which can be exploited for cladding, wall covering, flooring, ceilings and more. Ranging from decorative acoustic wall solutions to high quality printed concrete walls, the show is a big source of inspiration and innovative ideas for all who work in the sector (or not).

Particularly appealing are the wall decorative coverings, which, most of the time, offer isolating sound systems and an irresistible tactile attraction (i.e. Soundtect, Naa (above), Giles Miller Studio, Decustik, Feature Facings). If you prefer something less warm, but still with a great effect, the amazing concrete wall with photographic and printing decoration proposed by Graphic Relief Ltd should be perfect.

Other magnificent products of innovation are the Organoid products (above) and the Gravity Stool. The former are 100% biodegradeable as they are made from all kinds of organic fibres (i.e. woods, flowers, etc.). They can also be sprayed and hardened in all kinds of moulds or on inflatables.

Last, but no means least, are the products of the cooperation between magnetic fields and the power of gravity: the final shape is determined by the positioning of the magnetic fields in the machine and their combination with the plastic materials. This demonstrates how technology can collaborate with natural phenomena to create freakish and organic shapes.

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