'Concours of the Future' for Salon Privé

It’s never easy reinventing a classic, but that’s exactly what students at the Royal College of Art are attempting for this year’s Salon Privé.

The top eleven designs from a total of forty for the ‘Concours of the Future’ competition will be shown at Syon Park this September. The winner will earn a master-class from Andrea Zagato at the Zagato Design Studio in Milan.

While winning designs will only be revealed at the show, here’s an impressive selection of concepts from other finalists.

Gran Turismo Eleganza by H. Young Hwang. Inspired by the Lamborghini 350GT.

Bugatti by Jannis Carius. Inspired by the Type 35.

Delahayne of the future by Jed Sheahan.

Lamborghini of the future, by Weiyi Wang. Inspired by the Miura.

Audi Auto Union race car of the future, by Peter Ten Klooster.

Ferrari P2045 by Vera Jiyeong Park.