Honda NSX Concept Moves Closer

Honda's hybrid NSX moved a step closer to production at this year's Detroit Motor Show with a concept based on the same underpinnings that the production car will eventually be built on.

Fitted with the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD drivetrain, the NSX will be propelled by electric motors and a V6 engine powering the rear wheels, with two further electric motors sending drive to the front axle. At the right price, an all-wheel drive hybrid supercar would surely challenge the established sports car hierachy.

The penetrative design language remains largely unchanged from concept unveiled a year ago but the NSX now has an interior – and a nice one at that. Designed around a “Human Support Theme”, the interior focuses on the “synergy between man and machine” and features the high-set centre console that's becoming a popular trend. The predominant materials are leather and carbon fibre, and the interior looks more-or-less production ready. Whether Honda will stay true to this design or perform another u-turn is unknown, however.

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