Fisker Karma at Harrods

It’s not hard to see why California-based Fisker approached Harrods when it came to some good old-fashioned publicity as a newbie to London.  The world famous department store’s windows have certainly seen their fair share of luxury metal over the years and the svelte (yet somehow belligerent) Karma seems right at home. 

As a result of the Karma’s somewhat limited publicity outside of motoring circles, despite out-staging Ashton Kutcher in the popular American show Two and a Half Men, punters will be further stunned by Karma’s green credentials.  Credentials, it must be stressed, that are extremely impressive given the Karma’s performance; an extended range of 300 miles, electric range of 50 miles, a 0-60 time of 6.3 and a ‘reasonable’ price tag £87,000 make the Karma a serious contender. 

Although the luxury four-door is undoubtedly an engineering triumph, the surrounding uber luxurious handbags and jewelry departments had me thinking about the Karma’s target market.  The Karma provides an elegant and luxurious solution to a multitude of problems faced by the modern motorist but the truth is that it will be bought by most purely as a lifestyle accessory.  Fisker must be aware of this as Karma’s stylish brochure is littered with trendy jargon such as ‘Glacier Tri-Tone’ interior colour and Ecochic ‘White Sand’ exterior finish.

Not that the reason why the car was bought in the first place will particularly matter when one passes you on the street - if the Karma looks this good on a stand you can guarantee it will look fantastic as it silently passes on the move.

Other extremely admirable yet fashionable eco-features include an interior trim where the wood used is entirely reclaimed (either fallen, sunken or rescued) and a water-based paint job that uses 35-55% recycled glass flake mixture – the first time something like this has appeared on a production model.  The Karma’s single pane solar glass roof is worthy of a mention too, and Fisker believe that it will provide up to 200 miles of ‘completely emission and cost-free driving’ a year.  A game-changing feature it is not, but I like the idea and it looks flash.

The Karma is due to cast its gaze across the Brompton Road until the beginning of February and the glass walled enclosure it occupies is more-or-less permanently manned by a Fisker representative (either that or someone on the Harrods payroll is a serious Fisker aficionado).  Furthermore, if you ask nicely you’ll get to sit in the car and have a poke around the elegant interior, so if you’re in the area there’s really no excuse.