Nissan's Greener Black Cab

“On an average day, London’s taxis will make just under 200,000 journeys, carrying just under 300,000 passengers (1.48 passengers per trip), travelling 3.2miles per trip per taxi.”

With 22,000 licensed taxis travelling around 233,600,000 miles each year in London, it’s more important than ever that we use the right machinery. It’s certainly hard to justify the thousands of diesel-powered TX1 driving through London’s streets, and so Nissan have unveiled their vision for the future of the black cab – the NV200 London Taxi.

Already chosen as New York’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’, Nissan’s NV200 is head-and-shoulders above its current rivals no matter how you look at it (unless you look at it through rose-tinted specs). Here’s how it stacks up against the TX4.

LTC TX4 2.5

Nissan NV200

2499cc 4-cyl diesel

1.5-litre EuroV diesel engine



30.7mpg combined

55.3mpg combined

243g/km CO2 emissions

138g/km CO2 emissions


With many cars now emitting under 100g/km CO2, it does seem a little shameful that the most ubiquitous vehicles in London are emitting more than double that figure. Nissan estimate that if all of London’s licensed taxis were replaced with the NV200, the reduction in CO2 over the course of a year would be 37,970 metric tones – the equivalent of planting 10,000 acres of trees every year. Estimates also suggest that the NV200 could save taxi drivers about £700 a year on fuel.

Nissan have a decent track record with all-electric vehicles, and so it’s encouraging to learn that they’re also developing an e-NV200 which, with an adequate charging infrastructure, could become a reality in a couple of years time.

In the meantime, let's hope that Nissan can roll out the NV200 in 2013. Combined with the New Bus for London, the capital is slowly becoming greener. 

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