Royal College of Art Midterm Projects

Here in London we're lucky enough to have one of best automotive design colleges on our doorstep. It means we can keep a close eye on what students undertaking the MA Vehicle Design course at the Royal College of Art of up to, and if you're in any doubt as to the calibre of students who will graduate this summer, the RCA counts Dirk van Braeckel, Ian Callum, Peter Schreyer, Simon Cox and Peter Horbury amongst its alumni. You can find more details on the MA Vehicle Design course here.

Whilst they are only works-in-progress, here are a couple of projects that caught our attention. Click on the images for more.

Tata Airflow - Marcus Classen

Toyota CT - Chi Min Hwan/Jan Barcentewicz/Pablo Velasco Migoya

Bee.One - Anthony O'Sullivan

Audi e-Flux - Samuel Johnson

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