Vauxhall Adam ROCKS Concept

Crossing over, so to speak, is very much the trend of the moment, and so far it's been a philosophy applied to bigger cars. Think SUVs like Mazda's CX-5, the Mini Countryman and Nissan's Juke. Ford's EcoSport and the enlarged Peugeot 2008 are due for production debuts at this year's Geneva Motor Show, too.

What will also be at Geneva, however, is this – the Vauxhall ROCKS Concept, which shows that crossovers can also be small. Based on the new Adam (that we'll be testing next week), the ROCKS bulks out with a chassis that's been raised 15mm and widened by 20mm, supposedly for “negotiating urban obstacles”. High kerbs beware.

Like the standard Adam, the ROCKS offers extensive levels of customisation but the off-road genetics, a fabric roof and personalisation options make us think of another concept revealed at last year's show – the similarly named mia rox. Hmm.

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