12:grn:hrs - how nature would design a car!

We understand that our prolific environment is a product of evolution perfecting itself over time, but by using the concepts behind biomimicry and biomimetics perhaps we can capture a moment of clarity and innovation from nature to correct our own unsustainable habits.

Be inspired and put yourself in nature’s skin to see how nature would design a car!

Part of London Design Festival 2013 at the V&A Museum.

Biomimicry Talks

Join the team from Green Car Design as they host a morning packed with seminal speakers sharing their expertise on biomimicry and sustainable design.  Listen and learn from expert speakers in materials, research, energy, and design as they propose a way to design that matters inspired by nature’s own creations. There will be a chance to meet and have a question/answer session at this event.

Part of London Design Festival 2012 at the V&A - 9.00 am - noon


Keynote Speech - Frank Stephenson

Frank began his career in 1986 with Ford Motor Company In Cologne, Germany. His main contribution during his tenure there was his design work on the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. In 1991 he joined the BMW Group in Munich where he was responsible for the designs of the BMW X5 and the New MINI. His next move was in 2002 to Ferrari and Maserati in in Maranello and Modena, Italy as their first ever Design Director. There he was responsible for the designs of the Ferrari FXX Super Enzo, the Ferrari F430, the Maserati MC12 Stradale, the Maserati MC12 Competizione and the Maserati GranSport. He was then placed as Design Director for Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Light Commercial Vehicles in 2006 where he led the design of cars such as the Fiat 500, the Fiat Bravo and the Alfa Romeo Mito. Frank joined McLaren Automotive in 2008 as Design Director and has led the designs of the 12C and the P1.

9.00 am - Morning Session


Andy Middlteton - Founder Director, TYF Group

Andy is a social entrepreneur, designer and change catalyst who uses ecology, creativity and psychology to help leaders and teams build resilience for sustainability. He is Founder Director of the TYF Group, a leading adventure, education and leadership business based in St Davids, on the west coast of Wales. His imagination is fired by radical, country-scale change, by play and helping others understand risk.


Alexandre Rossier - Group Senior Designer, Kiska

Alexandre has a degree from the Art Center in Pasadena, California and ten years of experience as a designer, from Bertone to Honda.  The former professional trumpet player is now a specialist in automotive design at KISKA.



Carla Langella - Hybrid Design Lab

Architect and researcher at the Faculty of Architecture of the Second University of Naples in the field ICAR/13 Carla teaches "Design of Matter" and "Environmental requirements for industrial product" in the Industrial Design department.  In 2006 she founded the Hybrid Design Lab, a Design Laboratory for research, experimentation and teaching. The main objective of the Lab is to investigate the intersections between Design and Science, with particular placed on biological sciences and bio-inspired design.

Rob Kesseler - Central Saint Martins

Rob Kesseler is a visual artist and Professor at Central Saint Martins. Collaborating with botanical scientists and molecular biologists in an exploration of plants at a microscopic level, his work reflects the way the way in which that the natural world migrates into many aspects of our daily lives. His stunning images are translated into a wide range of contexts and media.



Peter Stevens - Peter Stevens Design

Peter Stevens received his BA in sculpture at St Martin’s School of Art and MA in transportation design at RCA. He is most famously names as the designer of the ultimate supercar – McLaren F1.  Having worked mainly as a freelancer for most of career he started Peter Stevens Design in 1978, with stints at Lotus Cars and MG Rover Group as lead designer.  Since 2000 Peter has been a visiting Professor at Vehicle Design at Royal College of Art.


NOON - Biomimicry Talks - Morning Session Ends



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