Beijing Design Week 2013

Ever since 2011, the event decides the event’s name as “Beijing Design Week + the year”. For example, the event for this year is named “Beijing Design Week 2013”, which will last from September 26 to October 3, 2013. It includes seven main sections, namely opening ceremony, Beijing Design Awards, Beijing Design Fair, Theme Exhibitions, Beijing Design Forum, Guest City and Design Hop.

Beijing Design Week was initially launched together with International Design Alliance Congress 2009, which was the first to be held in China. It then becomes an annual event since 2011, not only helping to promote the cultural development of Beijing and its construction of “national cultural center” and “world-class city”, but also contributing to the Chinese capital’s application for the UNESCO title of “design capital”, which it earned in 2012. As a platform to present the overall strength of Beijing as a “design capital”, Beijing Design Week further establishes itself as a brand and stands as the only internationally recognized, A-level creativity activity in Chinese mainland, which is also included in the “global design map”; in 2013, Beijing Design Week puts much emphasis on “Beijing Design Fair”, integrating professional and social resources, supporting the development of design industry as well as Beijing’s construction of “design capital” and “smart city”.


The theme of Beijing Design Week 2013 is “Constructing Design Capital·Promoting Smart City· Developing Design Market”. The construction of design capital, first of all, can help with Beijing’s internationalization, improvement of its competitiveness, development of design industry and the image of a world-class city; the promotion of smart city, on the other hand, reveals the significance of smart city in industry integration and emphasizes its role in leading the maturation of design industry; the development of design market, last but not least, is the basis for constructing design capital and developing design industry. With the creative design resources integrated through design market, new impetus will be presented to Beijing’s economic development and industrial restructuring.  


Design Capital·international standard: With the aim to develop a world-class city, it gathers representatives and talents from international design cities to discuss the construction and cooperation of design capital, which will stabilize Beijing’s important position in building the global network of creative cities.

Smart City·Leading the Trend: By demonstrating the latest application of design in the practice of “smart city”from home and abroad, it reveals the great potential of latest design, which focuses on big data, in such areas as urban planning, industrial development and improving people’s livelihood. “Smart City Experience Center”, an cooperation project with China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, will first launch during Beijing Design Week, setting an example for the development of Smart cities and towns in China.  

Design Market·Promoting Consumption: design market is an important economic indicator of how well a design capital’s creative industry has developed. With the aim to build Beijing’s design market, it will introduce quality design resources from home and abroad, improve the experience of design consumption, so that design will play a significant role in creating demands, leading consumption and become the core of the new mode of economic development. The construction of design market can make the best use of Beijing’s ability as a design capital of gathering and distributing resources in design trading and consumption. Also to be launched is the activity“sales season for design”, which offers a platform for trading and negotiations between Chinese and foreign brands and consumers by involving numerous industries and business districts. The sales season activity will cover 50 creative core areas or popular commercial zones. It is estimated that the amount of consumption will reach 1 billion RMB. 


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