Interior Motives Design Awards 2013 Frankfurt

Interior Motives Design Award started in 2003 in Frankfurt and 10 years on is still going strong.  This year's theme is 'The Connected Car' and it is within this overall 2013 theme that students were tasked with matching one of the following four briefs:

Internal and external connectivity – Internal connectivity means the car´s interaction with devices inside the car and the car´s interaction with The Cloud and other vehicles. How does the future car electronic system support communication and data transfer internally? How are the occupants connected to the car and how do they communicate with the outside world? Imagine an interior that presents its occupants with a mixed reality concept – one in which virtual technology will allow them to see behind and inside buildings as they pass through urban environments, and that will receive information relevant to the driver’s (and the car’s) needs. Consider how this human-machine interface will look and function.

Changing modes – How can or will the interior layout change with the arrival of a fully automated driving scenario? What does the transition from active driving to fully automated driving mode look like? How do the driver and passengers experience this change of function?

The three-in-one interior – The arrival of automated driving systems will allow the car of the future to perform three very different roles: performance car, office/workspace, and living room. Create an interior that is able to satisfy all three functions while respecting the dynamics of a mobile environment. Explore each scenario, always keeping in mind that this is a moving vehicle that turns, accelerates and decelerates. The ergonomics will therefore need to be different to an office or home living space, while still giving the same feeling.

A private world – Connectivity and fully automated driving technology will create a true separation between the vehicle’s occupants and the environment they are driving through. With the need to be visible to pedestrians and other road users no longer applicable to the car, what opportunities for interior privacy will be created? Design an interior that feels like a truly immersive, private world for its passengers.

Future generation of automotive designers recognized at Interior Motives Design Awards...the shortlist of potential winners in the 2013 Interior Motives Design Awards has been announced, and can be viewed here.

Best eco-interior 2012 - Dong-woo Nam/Kyong Tae Nam, Dong-a University, South Korea

This year’s competition saw a record number of entries:198 projects from 28 schools spread across 19 different countries.  From this pool of contenders, the distinguished jury panel was asked to nominate their top three in each of the eight categories; any project that received a vote automatically made it onto the shortlist. The panel gathered in London to take part in a live judging event hosted at the RCA, at which the shortlist was whittled down to a definitive group of finalists.  The finalists and winning entries will be revealed at a glamorous awards ceremony at Moon 13 (formerly The Cocoon Club) in Frankfurt on 9th September, the evening of the first press day of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Attendees will be able to view the projects and talk to the students in person before Chris Bangle takes to the stage to reveal the winners.

The winner of each category receives $500 in prize money, and one student (or group of students) will walk away with the accolade of Interior Motives Student Designer of the Year, which carries with it a prize of $5,000.  The

2013 Interior Motives Awards judging panel includes:

Anne Asensio, Vice President Design Experience, Dassault Systèmes

Erika Tsubaki, Design Strategy and Futuring, Ford

Jonathan Disley, Strategic Manager Interior and Exterior, Volvo Advanced Design

Robin Page, Director Interior Design, Volvo

Amko Leenarts, Director of Global Interiors Design Strategy, Ford

Pratap Bose, Head of Design at Tata

Chris Chapman, Chief Designer, Hyundai North America

Scott Strong, Director of Design, Ford Global Automotive Interiors

Juergen Scharr, Seat Designer at Uedelhoven Studio

David Woodhouse, Chief Designer, Ford

Eva Hoefli, Designer, BASF

Martin Uhlarik, UK Design Director, SAIC

Karl-Heinz Rothfuss, Head of Interior Design, Audi

Wolfgang Mueller-Pietralla, Head of Future Affairs,Volkswagen

Romulus Rost, Head of Interior Design, Volkswagen Design Centre Potsdam

Lou Tik, Design Director, JAC Italy

Simon Harris, Chief Designer, Visteon

Euan Sey, Editor of Interior Motives

Owen Ready, Editor of Car Design News

For more information on the event – including how to book your place at the awards evening on 9th September 2013 visit the Interior Motives website.