Tokyo Designers Week 2013

TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK started systematically as Designers’ Saturday in 1986 and was renamed as TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK in the year 1997, setting its venue continuously every fall for 28 years in the city of Tokyo. It is an international design event that gathers the excellent design and art from all over the world in areas close to our every-day lives, such as architecture, interior, product design, graphic design and art. Since 2005, the event has been provided the central venue of Meiji Jingu Gaien Mae (In front of Meiji-Jingu Memorial Picture Gallery) and developed into an event that attracting in 2012 a record number of over 100,000 people with highly sensitive opinions in the creative field. The event has allowed companies, organizations, embassies, schools, designers to become highly recognized by providing a place to announce their latest design and art through PR, product promotion, marketing and testing for branding purposes.

As a memoir to the start of ASIA AWARDS, TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK2013 has appointed its first female show designer. A festive atmosphere will be designed for visitors to fully experience a new kind of "DESIGN Fes." .

Tent Exhibition

TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK’s main content. The TDW TENT exhibition gathers 100,000 people with highly sensitive opinions in the creative field, creating a forum for the promotion of various companies and products. Visitors include manufactures, buyers, various media, people in the design industry who can become incubators. An international creative marketing event with two faces. 'Business to Business' , by matching between new business partners, and 'Business to Consumer',  by allowing the encounter with the consumenrs, the real life trend setters.

Pavilion Exhibition

The 4 different types of individual tents allows a new and original presentation. The outside can be designed to preference. As it is an individual original space, the area can be used for other than exhibiting. The usage of sound, lights, performances and invitations are also allowed.

Container Exhibition

A unique venue by TDW that utilizes cargo containers, the Container Exhibition is highly popular.It aims to brand and promotes through completed independent and individualistic space of containers. Moreover, visitors are charmed by the exhibition, which is possible only here at TDW, such as the interactive art of where people can participate, colorful special installation and the media art which made full use of projectors. Celebrating its 10thyear, this year we plan to organize special exhibition by industry leading designers, new pricing etc to make it the best ever.

School Exhibition

Celebrating its 12thyear, the School Exhbition has grown to become a major content of Tokyo Designers Week. Over 5000 teams of students inside and outside Japan have participated and showcased their youthful sensitivities. This year the program will be reborn as the Students of Asia, with schools and students from Asia participating.  We expect designers & artists from Asia will develop capabilities to excel on the global stage through interacting with students across different countries and fields.


Various contents will be held within the TDW Dome this year. 'Hello Night' talk shows with various top creators and their fellow friends will be held at night for those unable to visit during the daytime A special BAR will alsobe  installed for everybody to enjoy the event will having a drink.


Following the success last year, Design Association NPO and TAGBOAT will hold a full-fledged art fair within Tokyo Designers Week 2013. Last year we had above 100 young artists participating and exhibiting.  This year, the program will be anhaced and around 180 artists are scheduled to participate within the former and latter part of the event. (5 days each, a total of 10 days). It is not only possible to appeal to the many participants attending the event, but also to sale your work on the spot.